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The Pawtriotic Dog Bakery Team

Get to Know Us


Rosie And Stanford Drake

Sensory Scientist's

Rosie (left) has been with us since June 1st 2018.  Rosie is an awesome addition to our team with her taste testing.
Stanford (right) has been with us since Oct 3rd 2018.  He also has a very good palette for testing treats.


Charles Edward Henry V Drake

Inventory and Quality Control Manager

Charles has been with us since Nov 11th 2019.  He is an important part of our company as he controls inventory and makes sure that product is moving and fresh constantly.


Leonardo Zackary Drake

Sanitation Engineer

Leo has been with us since March 7th 2022.  Leo helps to keep the bakery crumb free.  He will go and clean all crumbs off of the floor.  This is important for sanitation and cleanliness.

IMG_6893 (1)_edited.jpg

Ryuu Howard Drake

Digestive Health Analyzer

Ryuu joined us on Feb 12th 2021, Ryuu plays a very important part in the digestive factor.  With a sensitivity to food changes, Ryuu tests all products to confirm that his stomach does not get upset after eating the treats.


Atlas Kevin Drake

Store Manager

Atlas joined our team on July 17th 2022.  He is a great asset to our bakery as he is pawsome with customers.  Atlas works smart during the day.  You can find Atlas sleeping so he can boss everyone around at home.  Come into the bakery and meet Atlas Drake


Atticus Adam Drake

Theft Control

Atticus joined our bakery on July 20th 2022.  We chose Atticus to be in charge of theft as he can jump very high and run really fast.  There is not a PawPaw that will get out the door unpaid for ;-)

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