HealthyPawPaw (Pawrty Pack/12)

HealthyPawPaw (Pawrty Pack/12)

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The HealthyPawPaw. This treat will have your fur babies going crazy!!


The wholesome yummy snack is made with only the best human grade ingredients.

HealthyPawPaws are made to perfection in house with organic sweet potatoes, organic eggs, organic blueberries, organic broccoli, organic baby spinach, organic flaxseed and whole wheat flour.


The flaxseed in our treats help with your fur babies arthritis. Flaxseed acts as an anti-inflammatory and can also help your babies immune system with a boost!! The other health benefits of flaxseed is it is filled with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These fatty acids help keep your babies coat shiny and their skin healthy.


Simple yet amazingly droolicious and healthy.

Treat size is 3 1/2" around and about 1/2" inch thick.

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